The Rise and Rise of Shanta Shriram Constructions

Dreams, hard work, ups and downs, and hurdles bring out the winner in all of us provided we channel these energies appropriately. The two brothers, Mr. Lingaiah and Mr.Narsaiah who have their family roots in Durajpalli, a small village in Nalgonda district in India, have shown that testing times are actually stepping stones to success. From a humble beginning, they have moved forward on the wings of good education and exemplary conduct, and made Shanta Shriram Constructions what it is today.

It all began with a modest investment and support of family and well-wishers on 17th April 1995, when the solid foundation of the company was laid. Armed with Mr. Narsaiah's B.Tech (Civil), Mr. Lingaiah's expertise in operational excellence, and the duo's loads of experience in overcoming any obstacle, the brothers turned entrepreneurs. And never looked back ever again.

As no work was ever too small or petty for them, they started working as real estate agents to earn the required money for business expansion. Afterwards, they built two row houses wherein the site and capital were provided by the customers themselves. And gradually the company rose in stature from building independent houses, initially, to small apartments, later, and followed by commercial complexes. Needless to say, every project contributed to the rise.

Now the company's phenomenal turnover shows how far they have scaled. It stands among the top ten companies of Andhra Pradesh real estate state realm. It also stands testimony to the power and capabilities of Telangana human resources. So far, the company has completed over 80 projects, and prides on developing projects of international stature, with exceptional design and best construction practices forming an essential aspect of the company's quality policy.

As far as work style is concerned, CMD Mr. Narsaiah prepares the plans and MD Mr. Lingaiah implements them effectively. As the lifestyle trends are changing all around the world, therefore Shanta Sriram understands that in order to thrive as a company in these times, it must look ahead, comprehend the factors and forces that will shape the real estate industry and move confidently towards what's to come. Forever moving forward, always inspiring, and constantly changing - that's what its philosophy is all about.

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